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MINI’s future plans and upcoming models

Rumors of MINI’s future plans are now beginning to be heard. The launch of MINI Countryman, Coupe, and Roadster showed distinguished designs apart from the MINI 3rd generation cars. This is a good sign that MINI is taking an entirely new direction in their fleet development. Looks like MINI is now officially turning into its own brand, and not just a part of BMW.

There are rumors that the future designs of MINI will be closer to that of sports cars, with a more detailed and entirely different appearance. Rumors of an upcoming sporty design called the MINI Spyder is on the works. This will not look like the Cabrio or the Roadster, and will share a platform with BMW.

The Beachcomber concept that we reported yesterday is also expanding the Countryman range into an entirely different and exciting direction. But there are critics who say that the Beachcomber concept will be difficult to sell as it will become unpopular in places where the sun doesn’t shine that often. Thus, the Beachcomber concept might still change into something closer to the MINI Urban Activity Coupe.

We can now conclude that new MINI’s are becoming bigger than what they once were. But MINI will most likely focus on a new fleet design closer to their original trademark size. The MegaCity car project is a sign of this loyalty to their trademark size.

What we are sure of today is that MINI is aggressive in evolving into a bigger and better brand.

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