BMW rumored to develop a new X model: X-Style

BMW X4 Rendering

Following the success of the BMW X6 which sold 83,000 units since it was released in 2008, BMW is rumored to develop another addition to the crossover family. A BMW insider says that BMW is planning a downsized version of X6 Sport Activity Coupe dubbed as the “X-Style”.

Though rumors of the BMW X4 has not yet translated into official plans, this new model is said to be built on the new generation F25 X3 platform. It will utilize the design of the upcoming X3, and will take inspiration from the X6’s muscular body. Since it will share its platform with the X3, the X-Style will be cost effective to produce for BMW.

What’s interesting is that the  X-Style is rumored to have a two-way hatch similar to the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, instead of the conventional tailgate like the X6 to increase flexibility. The roofline will still be coupe-like and a conventional sedan styled rear-end.

The X-Style is said carry the Sports Activity Sedan label. This design has not yet been green-lighted for production.

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