BMW is UAE’s ‘dream car’

UAE residents rank BMW as their No. 1 ‘dream car,’ according to a survey from this year’s Middle East International Motor Show in Dubai.

The poll, taken by Mawarid Finance, asked more than 1000 individuals across different nationalities and income groups to name their fantasy car. BMW took 13.4% of the vote, although Emirati nationals said their preferred fantasy was to own a Bentley. Mercedes Benz came in second with 12.2% of votes from all respondents, and Lamborghini ranked third. Other options varied between Aston Martin, Audi, Porsche and Jaguar.

The research was undertaken by Mawarid to improve its understanding of the UAE car market. Respondents were asked about their dream car, model, colour and most common means of payment. The company finances vehicles through its Sayyarat Mawarid programme based on Islamic principles.


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