A Sneak Peek at BMW’s Quad-Motor Electric M Car Prototype

BMW is currently developing the next electric M3. That is nothing brand-new. Even though the present M3 is still quite young, the team in Garching has made significant progress in developing the engine for the upcoming M3. Recent spy images show the quad-motor test mule for BMW’s upcoming M3 rolling around in the snow.

The quad-motor test mule, now a significantly altered BMW i4, is shown off in the spy pictures. The body begins as an i4 but receives an open grille from the M4 CSL (perhaps for cooling the motors). This also includes flared fenders to fit the larger wheel track, a lowered suspension, and a cool M-styled camouflage scheme.

We don’t know much about the engine other than the fact that it has four electric motors, one at each wheel, and that it might be able to produce up to a megawatt of electricity (1,341 horsepower). As they are two distinct things, BMW didn’t specify if that was the motors’ potential or what the car could have. The 800-volt battery architecture might put a cap on the quad-motor setup’s greatest potential power. Even so, when it ultimately hits the road, it ought to have at least 700–800 horsepower.

Don’t anticipate the BMW M3 to look like this. The planned Neue Klasse design, an entirely new, totally electric architecture, will be the foundation for the next-generation M3. Expect a new design language along with it as well, not just a slightly updated i4. It might finish up resembling the BMW Dee in appearance. The M3 may have elements of Dee in its design since that has been speculated to be the forerunner of BMW’s upcoming 3 Series prototype.

But, there is still much to be done until this powerplant is ready, which is why winter testing is presently taking place years before the automobile’s public debut. The next M3 won’t be available until at least 2026 and possibly 2027. Yet, it is crucial to continue developing this powertrain for many years and to test it under challenging circumstances. According to BMW M, an electric vehicle won’t be created unless the technology meets the brand’s performance requirements. BMW is taking its time with the technology to ensure it meets that quality.

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