Testing BMW 1 Series M Speed On the ‘Ring

BMW’s newest model, the XM, is in the centre of the company’s headlines at the moment. A three-ton hybrid SUV, the BMW XM looks like a cheap copy of a BMW SUV from a video game. BMW M can do when the company focuses on satisfying its customers rather than appeasing its investors. Misha Charoudin has released a new video in which he takes the BMW 1 Series M to the Nürburgring, taking us back to simpler times.

Although it was only available in 2011, the BMW 1 Series M is now considered a classic among current BMWs. It’s practically BMW’s secret recipe for making a sporty car. It’s cute, it’s cheap, it’s a coupe, it has rear-wheel drive with a manual transmission, it weighs very little, and it drives like a dream. As BMWs go, this one hits the nail on the head. However, it’s noteworthy to note that this is hardly never tested to its limits.

The 1 Series M is fantastic, but its compact size and short wheelbase make it more of a canyon carver than a track weapon. To be fair, the 1M used in this clip isn’t a standard issue issue. It’s equipped with a tune, an exhaust, and hlins coilovers. Recaro racing buckets help it shed some weight and produce over 400 hp. As such, it doesn’t provide a particularly good illustration of how a factory-fresh 1M will fare on the ‘Ring. And yet, that doesn’t make it any less entertaining to watch. It ups the ante on the entertainment factor.

Its turbocharged motor and custom exhaust make it sound more like a genuine M motor than anything offered by the M Division. The small bark it emits at 5,000 rpm is intoxicatingly raspy and metallic. What’s more, it just appears to be a lot of fun. Even with its fancy suspension, an M4 xDrive would eat the 1M’s lunch at the ‘Ring, but I’d wager that the 1M is more enjoyable to drive.

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