Comparing BMW’s M2 Generations: G87 vs. F87

Recently, BMW Czech Republic presented a fascinating comparison. The comparison was between two M2 generations: the new M2 (G87) and its predecessor, the M2 (F87). This captivating photoshoot took place at Autodrom Most and featured the M3 G80 CS, adding an extra layer of excitement, along with a 2023 M2 Coupe equipped with M Performance Parts.

The new M2 (G87), painted in Zandvoort Blue, showcases a substantial redesign. It’s grown by 119 mm in length, widened by 33 mm, and lowered by 7 mm when compared to the F87 M2 Competition. However, this evolution comes at a cost, as it’s now 175 kg heavier, weighing in at 1,725 kg.

Beneath the hood, the G87 M2 gains a notable advantage of 50 hp over its predecessor, thanks to the shared S58 engine from the current M3/M4. BMW has ambitious plans for this engine, including a forthcoming M2 CS with over 500 hp and the potential arrival of an xDrive variant by 2026, promising even more power and versatility for M2 enthusiasts.

The BMW M2 has undergone a significant transformation, boasting enhanced dimensions, power, and potential for the future. The G87’s fresh design, increased size, and power upgrades make it a compelling choice for high-performance car enthusiasts, with further excitement on the horizon in the form of future M2 variants.

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