BMW X8 is likely to launch as a coupe-styled X7 in 2022

The BMW X8 surprised car enthusiasts with the announcement that it will be launched as a coupe-style evolved X7 full-size luxury SUV.

These days, carmakers tend to release SUVs when they are unsure of what they will offer. Apparently, the Bavarians believe that both the X8 and the second standalone M model in history can peacefully coexist. However, most car enthusiasts thought this role for the XM intended.

According to the report, the subordinated other coupe-SUV of BMW will leave the BMW X8 in the spotlight. Although many are skeptical, and have not yet seen any prototypes. Auto Bild has already announced the unveiling of the X8 in 2022. Spy photographers captured a massive BMW SUV with a sweeping roofline. From late 2022 in Spartanburg, the images that depict the XM are set to enter production.

Auto Bild believes the sleeker BMW X8 will have a starting price of around 100,000 euros. While the X7 will be available from 93,100 at home in Germany. BMW is asking $74,900 for the three-row SUV without options in the United States. The xDrive40i is the base model in both countries. The magazine assumes that three drive modes will be available upon the BMW X8 launch date.

Since the two models would share the assembly line, building the evolving X8 will happen in Spartanburg together with the X7 donor vehicle. It’s hard to say whether South Carolina has enough capacity for another SUV. Time will tell if it can produce one, even though BMW USA already makes the upcoming XM as well as the X2, X4, X5, and X6.

Despite the expected split headlights on the X8 adding to BMW’s growing portfolio, the report is still unclear. The company will expand BMW’s SUV portfolio in China in the following year. BMW will also be joining the stretched X1 Li, introduced in the People’s Republic in 2016, and a long-wheelbase X5 Li.

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