Poldo Dog Couture designs the 2021 BMW X7 to be Pet-friendly

Poldo Dog Couture customises a pet-friendly 2021 BMW X7 xDrive40d for BMW Italia in Milan. It will allow our four-legged companions to travel in comfort. This luxurious seven-seater SUV comes with bespoke dog travel gear specifically designed for the BMW X7. A partner of Poldo Dog Couture, Rossella Barbuto, aims to bring the “Dolce Vita” appeal to the X7’s huge and opulent interior. 

2021 BMW X7

The transformations begin on the inside. Touching the open armrest activates a sanitiser that releases a puff of spray. This spray consists of an alcoholic base boosted by a blend of essential oils. The spray is certified by the University of Sassari’s Department of Biomedical Sciences. FRESH WOODS is also present in the passenger compartment. It is a perfumer created by an Italian laboratory and entrusted to Luca Maffei. The rosemary intermixes with top notes of lavender and grapefruit. 

2021 BMW X7

This BMW X7 also comes with a travel kit that includes an Italian-made leather briefcase with beige Alcantara interior lining. To secure your furry friend, a 40 cm leather seat belt with Vienna straw ties them securely when travelling. The travel kit also includes a Vienna straw collar and a leash to always walk in style. A convenient cylindrical-shaped 50×50 cm leather cover for the rear seat that you can roll-up. It is also removable, so you can take it with you when you get out of the automobile. 

An exquisite leather and Vienna straw case includes a thermal bottle holder. The tenderness of the feather bow placed in the trunk clones it by using a blanket cushioned with zero down wadding. Allocated for both your furry friend and you, a Vienna straw and leather net separates the trunk from the passenger compartment. Conveniently operated with a button, a retractable bowl is controlled by opening, shutting, and vanishing into the trunk’s side compartment. The Poldo Dog Couture set for the 2021 BMW X7 is available for purchase only on their website. 

BMW Italia and Poldo Dog Couture collaborated on a fantastic tour around Italy for the growing trend of Pet Hospitality. They explored the most attractive sites such as San Luiz in Trentino Alto Adige, Belmond Villa San Michele in Florence Tuscany, Trullo Cappero in Apulia and many other beautiful locations. Each location offered a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share remarkable moments with your four-legged friends. This new customisation provides an entire stay that pampers you and your furry friend while giving you unforgettable territorial experiences. 

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