BMW X7 Facelift Looks Stunning in Frozen Marina Bay Blue

The BMW X7 Facelift looks stunning in Frozen Marina Bay Blue as a certified head-turner at the 2022 BMW Open Tennis tournament held in Munich. New BMW features make a debut with the BMW X7 LCI. These features include a daring headlight design and BMW’s first V8 engine called the “S68 engine”.

BMW X7 Facelift

Real-life photos of the BMW X7 Facelift displayed its refreshing matte blue color for the first time. New shades such as the Frozen Pure Grey Metallic and Ametrine Metallic wrap the top-tier BMW X7 M60i. Fans should also look forward to unique colors like the Ruby Red and Daytona Violet.

The new split headlights debut with the BMW X7 Facelift. It is a daring move for BMW to offer a new headlights design that can raise further polarizing opinions from its fans. The BMW X7 LCI’s new split headlight design is a first in the brand’s history. This bold design sets an edge for the BMW X7 Facelift compared to the other 7 Series and its XM cousins.

The new headlights are split into the upper and lower halves. The upper half offers two slender, upside-down hockey stick LEDs that seem to feature daytime running lights and turn signals. The lower half provides the main lighting components, thus the bigger size.

Aside from its aggressive look, the BMW X7 Facelift houses the new V8 engine known as the “S68” engine. The brand-new engine will be a fitting M Division V8 engine that M Performance cars like the X7 M60i will feature. It carries a 48-volt mild-hybrid technology that BMW boasts of generating 12 horsepower and up to 147 lb-ft (200Nm) of torque.

The BMW X7 LCI looks stunning, but fans should also look forward to the remarkable engine that the BMW is proud to offer.

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