BMW Reveals its line-up for 2021 IAA Auto Show in Munich

Munich is finally on the move, taking over the 2021 IAA auto show, an event normally held in Frankfurt, Germany. BMW, of course, has to keep up with expectations as it is almost indistinguishable from the Bavarian city. The spotlight of this important event will be on BMW’s electric line-up.

The recently redesigned BMW X3 and X4, the BMW i4, the BMW iX and the new 4 Series Gran Coupe and 2 Series Coupe are all part of the range that visitors to the IAA 2021 will experience first-hand. BMW has also prepared an alternative for those who prefer a two-wheeled vehicle. The BMW CE 04 electric scooter is definitely a good choice if you want to be fast even in heavy traffic. The BMW Group is certainly well prepared for 2021 IAA auto show as it is also bringing a 100% recyclable vehicle. As promised, the BMW i Vision Circular is also the focus of this event.

The circular economy is BMW’s main theme at the 2021 IAA auto show with its “Re:think, Re:duce, Re:use, Re:cycle” approach. BMW wants to demonstrate a comprehensive perspective for the use of primary raw materials. According to BMW, the vehicles of the future should be more environmentally friendly by significantly reducing primary raw materials. However, BMW must increase the secondary materials in order to reduce resource consumption per vehicle.

When it comes to considering both employees and society as a whole, BMW takes a broader view of sustainability. This leads to the consideration of material sourcing, social responsibility, supply chains and social sustainability. Aiming to achieve this in less time than expected, BMW is striving to have the most sustainable supply chain in the entire automotive industry. This is an agenda that I do not think anyone would disagree with, as it strives for a better world.

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