Price Check: BMW 7 Series Gas vs Electric Models

For BMW, the power of choice is a pivotal aspect for buyers, especially when considering the Bavarian brand’s flagship 7 Series Sedan. With options ranging from gasoline and diesel to plug-in hybrid and electric drivetrains, the choice can be overwhelming.

CarExpert, an Australian automotive authority, recently took on this challenge by conducting an efficiency test between the 740i, equipped with a gasoline engine, and the electric powerhouse i7 M70. Covering an impressive 542 miles from Sydney to Melbourne, the team compared the operating costs of these two diverse powertrains. The results were intriguing, revealing a surprising difference in favour of the traditional gasoline model.

The test showcased the 740i burning 56.16 litres of fuel, while the i7 M70 consumed 203.03 kWh from its massive battery pack. Despite the electric sedan’s energy recuperation system, the 740i exhibited impressive efficiency, averaging 6.6 litres per 100 km or 35.6 miles per gallon. Beyond fuel efficiency, the refuelling time also played a crucial role, with the 740i taking just six minutes to fill up compared to the i7 M70’s two hours and eight minutes.

Apart from the operational disparities, the blog delves into the substantial price gap between the two models. This stark difference in price prompts a closer examination of the overall cost of choice when selecting between the traditional gasoline engine and the cutting-edge electric drivetrain.

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