2021 BMW 128ti Strikes a Pose for the Camera

BMW customers are looking for some extra fun for the 1 Series. The 2021 BMW 128ti strikes a pose to mark its arrival to the world. What makes the 128ti intriguing is its resemblance to the Volkswagen Golf’s hatchback design. Moreover, the 2021 BMW 128ti is not just the best 1 Series but potentially better than the new Volkswagen GTI. BMW 128ti is also considered a proper rival for the GTI Clubsport model from Wolfsburg by many enthusiasts. 

2021 BMW 128ti Strikes a Pose for the Camera 1

With the all-wheel-drive system and power output taken into consideration, the pacesetter M135i xDrive could be a competitor for the Volkswagen Golf R. As for the 128ti, it can compete with the less powerful model, which is the Volkswagen GTI.

However, in terms of power, BMW has the upper hand and it has plenty of it under its belt. Being more accurate, it comes at 265 ps. 2021 BMW 128ti boasts sharp steering with almost no understeer, a four-cylinder engine, and comes with a near-perfect suspension setup.

2021 BMW 128ti Strikes a Pose for the Camera 2

It will be interesting to see whether customers will not prefer the BMW 128ti over the powerful M Series. Regardless of being high-priced. That could be the main distinctive feature of the two models. On the other hand, 265 HP will be enough for most people. It does not matter for many car drivers where the power goes. So, the lack of an all-wheel-drive might not be an issue. 

2021 BMW 128ti Strikes a Pose for the Camera 3

The 2021 BMW 128ti is preparing for its arrival around the world in dealerships. British people decided to do a photoshoot with the 128ti and came with a remarkable output. Results are in these high-quality pictures and there are many great images to choose from and use when needed. There is no specified date as of now for the international launch of the 2021 BMW 128ti.

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