Electric MINI Cooper SE enhanced by AC Schnitzer

The electric MINI Cooper SE recently tuned-up by the famous car tuning company in the auto industry – the AC Schnitzer. The car tuning companies may have to adjust as the auto industry quickly transitions to an era of electrification. In order for tuning shops to make their products sell out, they have to reverse their sound and horsepower. In an interview, AC Schnitzer says that their unique innovations modify their range and gives the electric runabout in a sporty way for their newly launched models in this new era.

­The MINI Cooper SE 3-door has an aerodynamic approach that embodies an easy-to-fit- black front splitter. This solution significantly improves MINI’s downforce values. AC Schnitzer claims, without any additional painting, that this splitter is quite suitable. The splitter consists of ASA polymer that embodies its high strength, rigidity, and resistance to weather conditions. This splitter can also be finished in any shade you like. 

Without their custom wheels, no AC Schnitzer project will be complete. Thus, this MINI Cooper SE has 7.5 x 19” AC1 wheels covered in 215/35 R 19 non-run-flat-tires. It also has a spring kit that has been totally enhanced due to its heavy vehicle weight. The change in the center of gravity of the car results in a significant improvement in its driving dynamics and handling the corners. 

The electric MINI Cooper SE design doesn’t stop there. For now, the only usable component is the splitter because the program of its aero parts is very light. The AC Schnitzer decal package and AC Schnitzer rear skirt safety foil are the only two other visual items that you can now avail of. The AC Schnitzer aluminum pedals and the aluminum cover “Black Line” for the iDrive machine controller for the electric MINI Cooper SE’s interior are also available. 

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