BMW iX M60 VS Rivian R1S on Car and Driver Test

Since releasing the R1T pickup truck last year, Rivian has been a pain in the neck for every established automaker. Everything Rivian has attempted been met with universal acclaim and critical acclaim has been largely reserved. The SUV version of the R1T, the R1S from Rivian, has finally arrived, and it looks just as promising as its predecessor. Find out in Car and Driver’s latest side-by-side comparison.

The comparison between the two vehicles is intriguing on paper. It’s true that both the Bimmer and the Rivian feature sizable batteries, but the former’s 128.9 kWh capacity is far higher than the latter’s 106.3 kWh capacity. The Rivian R1S is the more potent of the two electric motors used in both automobiles. The BMW iX M60 is remarkable, but it looks like a toy compared to the Rivian’s 835 hp and 908 lb-ft of torque. The weight of the Bimmer, at 5,778 pounds, is an advantage over the Rivian’s 6,986 pounds.

The BMW may have more hp, but the Rivian has a stated range of 274 miles, while the BMW only claims a range of 272 miles. The Rivian also takes less time to reach 60 miles per hour. Accordingly, the Rivian has the upper hand over the BMW on paper, considering that it costs about $21,000 less to build. However, how do they fare when put to the test in practical comparison? It’s fascinating to compare the two vehicles. It’s not surprising that the upstart Rivian automobile firm would be the more innovative of the two. Even though it represents BMW’s future, the BMW iX is far more conventional in design.

The BMW iX, on the other hand, has a funkier appearance, not in a good way. The Rivian has exquisite antique boxy style that’s extremely American. The cabins of both cars are top-notch, but they couldn’t be more dissimilar. The Rivian is, once again, more futuristic and has far more intriguing solutions to everyday problems. The iX is rendered somewhat obsolete by its superior usability and simplicity. Car and Driver claimed that the BMW iX M60 is the more enjoyable and has superior ride quality. Also, it’s much more effective than the numbers suggest. The Rivian is fun but has a shaky suspension and clumsy controls.

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