A Close Look at VW iD.7 Tourer and BMW i5 Touring

Volkswagen has proudly presented its latest creation, the iD.7 Tourer, as a herald of the new era in electric all-rounders. With the electric estate car segment on the rise, this debut adds a compelling option to the market, joining the ranks of innovative vehicles like the BMW i5 Touring and Taycan Cross Turismo. Let’s delve into how the VW iD.7 Tourer stacks up against its BMW counterpart.

In terms of size, the BMW i5 Touring appears slightly larger than VW’s iD.7 Tourer, boasting longer and wider dimensions. However, the VW model sits a tad higher, offering distinctive proportions. Both vehicles come equipped with modern features such as LED lights and spacious interiors, though the BMW exudes a sportier demeanor with its traditional grille compared to VW’s sleek light bar design.

Inside the cabins, similarities abound between the iD.7 Tourer and i5 Touring, showcasing touchscreen displays and digital instrument clusters. While both offer advanced tech features like augmented reality head-up displays and app connectivity, the BMW integrates traditional iDrive controls, whereas VW opts for a streamlined center console design. However, each vehicle introduces exclusive innovations, such as video games via AirConsole in the BMW and onboard ChatGPT in the VW.

Both the i5 and iD.7 Tourer present competitive options, offering various power levels and charging capabilities. Despite the VW’s slightly lower horsepower, it boasts a more accessible price point compared to the BMW. Ultimately, while the iD.7 Tourer proves to be a formidable contender in the premium estate segment, BMW’s i5 Touring maintains its edge in style and performance. Nonetheless, the emergence of these electric wagons signifies an exciting shift in automotive innovation, providing enthusiasts worldwide with compelling choices in the EV revolution.

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