Vorsteiner’s V-CSL Carbon Fiber Program Returns

Vorsteiner is back to its famed V-CSL Carbon Fiber Program. Inspired by the legendary BMW E46 CSL, this program returns triumphantly after a lengthy hiatus. To mark Vorsteiner’s 20th anniversary, they’re producing only 103 units, aligning perfectly with the CSL’s horsepower per litre ratio.

The V-CSL Carbon Fiber Program comprises four components that enhance aerodynamics, performance, and aesthetics. These components are manufactured at their California facility, ensuring they meet the highest quality, durability, and fitment standards. 

Additionally, they feature a glossy carbon fibre finish that highlights their inherent beauty. The return of the V-CSL Carbon Fiber Program by Vorsteiner is exciting news for BMW E46 M3 owners and fans. 

This program not only celebrates the enduring appeal of the E46 M3 but also underscores Vorsteiner’s dedication to producing top-notch carbon fibre components. With only 103 units available, enthusiasts have a limited opportunity to enhance the performance of their E46 M3 and pay homage to the iconic CSL.

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