Check out the G82 BMW M4 Upgrades by 3D Design

The G82 BMW M4 is a bold car – from the huge kidney grilles to the bulky bonnet to the gigantic wheels, the M4 means business. If there’s not enough disco, aftermarkets offer various parts for BMW cars. However, for the expensive BMW M4, 3D Design offers a high-quality exterior upgrade package. It offers a stylish transformation that makes the vehicle a well-rounded car.

While the M4 lacks many options, the minor modifications can make a great difference. A carbon fibre front lip spoiler offers the front end a slicker, more massive look and feel. It also gives the vehicle a more aggressive appearance by lowering it. While the car’s design is simplified by the wheels, five spokes wheels are a great match for the M4’s huge, robust design.

Nevertheless,3D Design didn’t just stop at improving the exterior. These pedals and paddle shifters have a huge impact on how you feel when driving. The paddle shifters are available in either carbon fibre or aluminium, with the aluminium version being the more comfortable option. It also helps to have carbon fibre inserts in the steering wheel as well as improved floor mats. A smart leather key fob is also available.

As if the BMW M4 was not fast enough, 3D Design provides a quick power boost for the engine to 585 PS (577 hp). No extra power is needed unless you have an xDrive, as rear-wheel-drive cars would be too much of a hassle. Furthermore, the 3D Design Tuning Package is the perfect addition for the BMW M4, as it provides a more refined appearance and extra power.

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