The Connected Car Life: MyBMW Mobile app gets an extended range of functions

Launched earlier in the year and sporting a more intuitive refreshed interface, BMW’s latest connected apps, MyBMW and Mini app, have just been updated with an extended range of features to further engage drivers and owners with their latest driving machines.

The latest version of the app brings with it a number of new upgrades and will now allow you to access your vehicle’s current status, view live images from your car’s surroundings, arrange service appointments, receive news from BMW and even plan routes by transferring them to the car’s navigation system using your mobile device.

A key new feature of the MyBMW app is the inclusion of a tire monitoring system, giving you up-to-date data on the condition of your tires. The digital tire diagnosis feature, unique to this app, can also transmit information about defects, damage or wear to the tires in addition to your current tires’ air pressures. Giving you an early update on the condition of your rubber before embarking on any journey.

With the data captured by the tire pressure control system on the values for temperature and wheel speeds, a forecast of the remaining life of the tires will also be created by the car’s back-end systems.

In addition to these new upgrades, complimenting the latest build of the app are a series of existing features useful to all owners and drivers. Allowing them the ability to view and check on the current status of their vehicle allows them to control various functions of the car from the comfort of their home, all through a mobile device before opening their doors using their mobile’s BMW digital key.

As always, drivers can preset their car’s climate before their journeys for the perfect temperature from the immediate get-go. Perfect for those humid sunny days we often get in Singapore.

On vehicles with charging capabilities, the map also allows for a quick search for the nearest charging points and within the app, a live indicator of the vehicle’s level of charge, the status of the car’s battery levels and estimated full charge duration allowing for a seamless day out.

For those curious about the latest products from BMW, MyBMW also allows users the ability to view product demonstrations on various other vehicles within the range easily and for the casual BMW fan, using the Explore BMW tab brings up a showcase of the latest BMW news and stories.

While these new features bring a remarkably impressive connected life between drivers and their vehicles, we’re pretty sure the team behind MyBMW already have a long list of innovative new features planned for the not too distant future. So, if you haven’t already downloaded it. What are you waiting for?

To download, head to the app store and the google play store on your respective devices. It’s free by the way.

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