Spy Photos – F80 M3 Reveals Trunk Spoiler and Aggressive Face

The F80 M3 has entered its final evaluation phase and dropped camouflage to give us a better view of its characteristics. Looks like this car is becoming sexier as it takes off more camo! These snapshots show LED headlights and a trunk spoiler lip. Its front end is very similar to the F82 M4 Coupe, with an aggressive M styled front bumper with air curtains, LED headlights and double slat grilles with M3/M4 badge. The production wheels for the M3 are also revealed.

To summarize the details ween here, it shares front fascia and headlights with M4 Coupe, air curtains, LED headlights, double slat kidney grilles with M3 badge, production wheels, trunk spoiler lip, front air breather vent positions and shape more clearly seen, double bubble carbon fiber roof, carbon ceramic brakes, side mirrors still camouflaged, integrated front seat headrests, and M3 CRT like rear headrests.

The F80 M3 is expected to go on sale on the first half of 2014.

M3 1

M3 3

M3 7

Source: Bimmerpost