BMW CS Concept Based Production Version Officially Cancelled

Looks like BMW won’t be fielding a Porsche Panamera competitor after all. The CS Concept, planned as a new flagship to replace the 8-Series, has officially been cancelled. Citing product and project reviews in the face of the current financial crisis in Europe and the United States, BMW’s CEO Norbert Reithofer announced that the concept is officially a no-go. BMW plans to put its resources toward future technology, its EfficientDynamics and project i programs.

Though a financial upturn could see renewed consideration for the CS Concept, BMW was mute on the chances of this happening. Source: BMW via via via bmwblog

  • matt

    This is my last writing as a BMW fan. For almost 10 years, BMW has f***ed its image, while audi rose and rose. Why is BMW the only one in the Trio who doesn’t have a supercar? Why can audi have their A7, while BMW can’t put THE ONE CAR that could revive its ugly image into production? However, they have time to release hideous cars like the X1, and make the new 7 series look like a lexus. WHY, BMW, WHY????? You say you’re concentrating on green & diesels, what’s happened?!? Are you honda??? You canceled the M1, now the CS??? You now almost have more SUV’s then cars. You’re investing in lame models that have nothing to do with what BMW used to stand for, and cancel the ones that do. The 3 series coupe is perhaps the only model that truly deserves to be called a BMW. I’m sorry to say it, but one can only take so much. Bye bye BMW, you left me heartbroken.