Comparison Test: BMW X5 against Genesis GV80

The current G05-gen BMW X5 continues to stand out in the SUV market. From its handsome looks, coupled with great proportions and smooth lines and an appropriately sized grille, it’s definitely one to behold. Underneath the metal sheet, it carries the CLAR platform and consists spectrum of powertrains. However, the X5 has been getting comparisons against the new Genesis GV80. In fact, Motor Trend just recently did a comparison test between the two models. So, is the GV80 really better than the X5? Let’s find out.

Comparison Test BMW X5 against Genesis GV80

The Genesis GV80 is a modern SUV, boasting its strength in comfort, style, and interior design, with a decent engine. Both SUVs have their pros and cons and when you read the test comparison, it’s like a head to head battle. You can read it here.

In terms of driving, though, the BMW X5 gets the upper hand undoubtedly. It’s got sharper driving and has balanced comfort and handling, something that the German brand has incorporated in their SUV lineup for decades. As for Genesis, the GV80 appears to be their first attempt at this setup. But it doesn’t seem like it, though, as the latter has the plusher ride of the two.

Comparison Test BMW X5 against Genesis GV80

For the interior, well, we all have our own aesthetic preferences. So, this one is really just up to you. But when comparing the fit and finish, the BMW X5 surpasses the Genesis. In the latest BMW cabins, the feeling is as if the entire interior was sculpted from granite. Even though the GV80 has a few lower-quality pieces inside, you’ll have a blast driving around in it. Its cabin is well-crafted with leather and lots of cool furnishings.

In conclusion, MT selected the Genesis GV80 against the BMW X5. The reason is that it possesses nearly all of the premium quality of the latter at a lesser price. But when you think about it, especially, in terms of engine, transmission, and slightly better handling, the X5 still wins it. Well, it’s just a matter of preference, right?

[Source]: Motor Trend

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