Less Is More for MINI’s New Interior Design

The excitement surrounding MINI’s latest models has been building up, and finally, here are some fresh preview of what’s to come. While we’ve seen the cars from the outside, it’s time to delve into the heart of the matter – the interiors. MINI is embracing a minimalist dashboard layout. This minimalism will be a common thread across all upcoming models, paving the way for a unified design philosophy.

For those who find the new dashboard design somewhat familiar, there’s a reason behind it. Last year, MINI revealed the Aceman concept and elements of its interior have been carried over into production with subtle adjustments. One notable change is removing the driver’s display. But fret not, essential information will still be presented through a head-up display conveniently placed within the driver’s line of sight. The steering wheel has also undergone modifications, sporting a sportier look that promises a thrilling driving experience.

The eye-catching circular screen in the dashboard’s center is central to the interior’s appeal. This OLED screen is the primary interface for accessing various functions, streamlined to reduce clutter and distractions. MINI has equipped the dashboard with an “analog toggle bar,” housing a few essential controls below the circular screen. Adding to the aesthetic allure is the knitted surface on the upper part of the dash. This seamlessly integrates ambient lighting, also present on the door cards.

As we explore further, we can’t help but notice MINI’s attention to detail in providing practical conveniences. The position of the door handles, unusually low, adds a unique touch to the overall design. The interior boasts dual USB-C ports, cupholders, a sunroof, and individual armrests for the driver and front passenger. MINI has successfully captured the essence of the original 1958 Mini while embracing contemporary sensibilities. This creates a functional yet elegant layout. By skillfully balancing analog and digital elements, the brand promises a driving experience that harmoniously melds tradition with innovation.

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