BMW Reassures Car Owners: No Forced Dependence on AI

More than just a prototype for an electric 3 Series Sedan, the I Vision Dee is a complete vehicle. It portends a new design language for BMW and the next era of cutting-edge automobiles. A built-in assistant with “intelligent, almost human capabilities” was described in the CES idea as the “ultimate companion”. It can even imitate emotions and moods with its digital kidney grille combined with a novel twin headlamp design.

The BMWs of the future will be very different from the vehicles we first fell in love with as children. However, the German luxury brand won’t mandate that owners employ the services offered by the car’s artificial intelligence alone. In Las Vegas, Stephan Durach, senior vice president of the connected company development division of the BMW Group, discussed alternative solutions to AI with CarBuzz.

Future BMWs would still feature shortcut buttons for certain operations rather than relying only on an integrated AI system. This is because of “different possibilities,” BMW said. However, Adrian Van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, did inform us at CES 2023 that there will be even fewer traditional buttons. Despite being purposefully oversimplified, the I Vision Dee did provide a glimpse of minimalist interiors with little hardware.

Neue Klasse models will utilize an innovative head-up display that will alter how drivers interact with their vehicles, as seen on the I Vision Dee concept. The enormous screens we use now could disappear; CEO Oliver Zipse said that, in ten years, they would even be banned as a distraction.

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