BMW admits wrong timing for 5-Series GT with V8 Launch

As the saying goes, you only realize your mistakes when it is too late. Rick Brekus of BMW’s North American Sales has officially confirmed that they made a mistake in releasing the 5 Series GT with V8 during difficult economic times. BMW was indeed affected by the recession, but this added insult to the injury.

Though critics obviously saw this from the beginning, it basically made it through the market regardless if it was overpriced, not stylistically advanced, and V8-powered. This vehicle is not being despised by BMW, they just realized that the launch did not happen at a good timing.

As BMW North American CEO Jim O’Donnell confirms, the launch of 550 GT was too ambitious. But BMW still has their hopes high and is ready to get back with a vengeance: the launch of BMW 535 GT and 550 GT xDrive.

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