[VIDEO] The E31 BMW M8 Prototype’s Start and Rev

If you are fond of BMW, then you are already familiar with the E31 BMW M8 Prototype’s story. It’s a remarkable story, but it has a sad ending. Because the original M8, despite its absurdly cool design, never made it to market. Instead, the prototype remained in BMW’s archive for over three decades and only seen a few years ago. So it’s awesome that BMW Classic showed it off in this video and even started it up.

We will learn more about the BMW M8 Prototype’s excellent naturally-aspirated V12 engine as we watch this video. It’s not just stunning to look at with its carbon fibre intake manifold, but it’s also a fascinating engine to learn about.  It was challenging to modify the 850CSi’s V12 for more power and output. But not nearly as difficult as getting the whole package to function properly.

However, you’ll see that it was all worth it once it’s up and running. This video allows you to hear the M8 Prototype start and rev for the first time, which is also the first time you’ve heard it. 

One of the BMW vloggers is fortunate to get the chance to get up close and personal with the E31 BMW M8 Prototype. BMW had a closed-door room packed with all kinds of unique cars. At the time during a BMW event in Palm Springs, California, and one of them was the E31 M8. The vlogger was excited just being in its presence, as he had admired it since he first heard of it. Considered himself so favoured that someone at BMW was kind enough to let him sit in it. He said it was wonderful to experience.

He recalls being in the seat, thinking about how few people had actually done so, and trying to catch the authentic, seldom, and memorable experience it was. After hearing the V12 bark to life in this video he reminisces the feeling.

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