[Video] BMW X3 Against Volvo XC60 and Discovery Sport

Car Advice and Drive magazine in Australia searches for the best of cars in different segments for 2021. We have seen the X5 taking on some uncommonly chosen rivals. And, the guys from Car Advice and Drive also feature the BMW X5 M Competition trying to take on the Audi RS Q8. This time, we are about to see how the BMW X3 stands up against the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Volvo XC60. It is another intriguing comparison we get to see from this new video of Car Advice and Drive.

This BMW X3 mid-size SUV is the best-seller of BMW right now and a success story of the German automaker. It is also the SUV equivalent of the 3 Series, which is a surprise as we experience the boom of the SUV and crossover in the automotive industry today. It is understandable why the BMW X3 sells pretty well in the market. Its diversity and range make the BMW 3 Series strip off that best-selling crown.

Future BMW X3 owners have the option to get the X3 in standard or Competition. The X3’s standard comes with a 2.0-liter diesel engine beneath its lid. If you want to get a crunchier one, then the X3 M Competition model is for you. The X3’s Competition version comes with 503 horsepower (510 PS), coming from a 3.0-liter straight six mill. We get to see the judges’ comments in this video that the X3 is a bit harsh over poor surfaces. This should come in handy when future owners want to take it the hard way. Moreover, the X3 is also declared as the best handling model.

Future owners should consider the different factors into account when picking the best for themselves in this segment. Not everyone needs a car that drags races from red lights every day. And some also do not look at the best performance, but just an ordinary vehicle for daily use. So which one could be the winner in this case? Go on and check out this video to find out more details and the jury’s decision.

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