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[VIDEO] Theater Screen Possible Debut in 2023 BMW 7 Series

BMW will unveil the 2023 BMW 7 Series in a few months, but it might already be on the road in the United States. BMW presented incredible prototypes at the 2022 CES. And their new BMW Theater Screen standouts at the 2022 CES. Although the car’s interior is less hidden, BMW covers its exterior design in a box. This luxury vehicle made many car enthusiasts conclude that it may be a BMW i7 electric limousine from their first impressions.

Like the 7 Series, it comes with ample space inside and a luxury C pillar design. The giveaway also includes several other things peculiar to a high-end limousine. The Head of BMW Design and executives will soon announce the production of Theater Screen. And the BMW Theather Screen will possibly launch in a BMW series vehicle very shortly.

Only high-end BMWs from the 7 Series family will be available in 2022: petrol, diesel, i7 electric and plug-in hybrid Hopefully, the BMW Theater Screen will debut in the new G70 7 Series, thanks to BMW for another hint And hopefully will make its way into other future BMW luxury cars With the competitors pulling all the stops, there’s no way BMW won’t bring their best in the 7 Series market Motorway Assist, completely automated doors similar to those found in a Rolls Royce, a new Bower and Wilking Audio system, and much more are all expected features.

Inside, the BMW Theater provides a surreal experience. Watch the complete review and demo of the new 8K 31-inch screen and the enhanced audio in the video. What you’d expect from a smart TV is offered in this model. It includes built-in Amazon Fire TV. The user can adjust the big display for optimal viewing through the configurable “My Mode Theatre” It also allows users to manage the Sunblinds and lighting to create a pleasant ambience, similar to a movie theatre. To enjoy an 8k movie, there’s even 5G connectivity onboard for super-fast data transfers.

Don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel. Take a closer look at the BMW Theater Screen without further ado.

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