Exploring BMW’s 5 Series Li Impact in China

BMW is gearing up for the market launch of the 5 Series Li, an extra-long sedan designed for China. Codenamed G68, it shares minor differences with the globally available G60 model. With elongated doors, gold accents, and an illuminated “5,” the 5 Series Li makes a bold statement. Measuring 5175mm in length and a wheelbase of 3105mm, it’s a standout luxury offering.

In China, BMW exclusively offers the 525Li and 530Li gasoline models, alongside the i5 eDrive35L. The M Performance variant (i5 M60 xDrive) will be imported. Gasoline models feature a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with mild-hybrid tech, delivering 190 and 255 horsepower. The electric i5 variant packs a 281 hp single-motor, while the M60 xDrive impressively churns 593 hp.

Customize the 5 Series Li with the M Sport Package or the Luxury Line option, each offering unique details. It introduces a 31.3-inch Theatre Screen for rear-seat occupants, a notable advancement. With around two million units sold in China since 2003, the 5 Series remains pivotal for BMW, marking a significant player in the evolving luxury car landscape.

In essence, the 5 Series Li exemplifies BMW’s commitment to local preferences and stands as a significant player in China’s luxury car market, combining size, power, and prestige.

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