On Tailoring Your BMW i5 Experience

The highly anticipated BMW i5 will soon be available, and while the base model starts at an enticing $66,800, the fully loaded i5 M60 variant can set you back over $100,000. With its impressive 593 horsepower, you might wonder if the high price tag is justified. In this article, we dive into the configurator to explore the choices and decisions you’ll face when building your BMW i5.

When customizing your BMW i5, you’ll be spoilt for choice with 13 stunning colours. From the classic Alpine White to the exclusive Tanzanite Blue II Metallic, your colour selection can make a statement.

The BMW i5 offers a range of wheel options, from the stylish 19-inch wheels for extended range to the impressive 21-inch aero wheels. We’ll help you decide which wheels best suit your needs and preferences, exploring the trade-offs between style and performance.

The interior of your BMW i5 is where comfort and style meet, and you can choose from eight upholstery options. We also delve into the available trim choices, helping you create a cabin that perfectly suits your taste. Join us in this article as we explore the world of interior customization for the BMW i5.

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