[Video] Check what can the BMW iX M60 do on the Autobahn

As a result of its quick electric torque, it feels just like a BMW X5 M Competition in terms of acceleration. No wonder why this SUV, the xDrive50, packs a punch. The BMW iX M60, on the other hand, boasts 610 hp. AutoTopNL has released a new video showcasing the M60’s power on the open road.

Even while the BMW iX M60 is a powerful sports sedan, it is cumbersome as well. The iX’s weight is closer to three tonnes than BMW enthusiasts would prefer. For these reasons and more, the M5 Competition is still faster than the M3 Competition. A top speed of 252 km/h (about 157 mph) may be achieved by most electric autos on the highway. While going at such a fast clip, her elegance was particularly amazing. The iX proved rock solid up to 200 km/h, despite the fact that BMW’s weight is unquestionably an advantage.

On top of that, it’s extremely quick on non-road surfaces. The IX M60’s performance in the video demonstrates just how swiftly a massive vehicle like this can get up and go. As if that wasn’t enough, the Hans Zimmer soundtrack provides extra excitement to every drive. It doesn’t matter if BMW is aware of the fact that Zimmer collaborated with them because they not only embrace the collaboration but actively promote it as well. 

Despite the fact that hooliganism affects the driving range of most BMW iXs, the car’s highest speed will be out of reach for most owners. A high-speed driving experience of the iX M60 is available in this video.

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