BMW i8 to i8 Roadster – An All Time Classic

The BMW i8 is the design icon of the Bavarian company. It performs a powerful combination of 1.5 litre turbocharged three-cylinder engines. It also has two electric motors; one is aiding the engine power of the rear axle at the back portion, and another at front supplying the front axle. The front electric motor uses a two-speed transmission that powers the front axle. As for the back electric motor, it performs with a six-speed automatic gearbox powering the rear axle together with its EV motor. It also has a secure carbon fiber chassis.

BMW i8

After its release, other car companies produce the same kind of power-train set up the BMW i8 has. But the auto industry had their attention to BMW’s new and futuristic product. They believe that it will always be a stunner throughout the years to come. Its design is striking that you can’t take your eyes off of it. BMW came up with the Roadster version of the i8, due to criticism. The LCI facelift and the taking off of the fixated roof of the i8 makes it finally more exciting. 

When driving the BMW i8, it gives you the pleasure to just enjoy the bliss of an all-electric convertible adventure. BMW offers you the incredible experience with the quiet whir of its electric motors. Today, it bids us farewell, as the Bavarians put an end to its production and are moving on to other electrified projects. But it doesn’t change the fact that it is still the design icon BMW has ever presented in the auto industry. It will continue to be known as the most stylish and futuristic car ever produced.

In the movie Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, you’ll see that the BMW i8 takes the spotlight. But at that time, it is from the concept of its predecessor – the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept. The two cars are mostly alike, only the transparent swan doors are distinctive of the two. The concept of the BMW i8 is futuristic, so many people didn’t expect BMW to produce such a car.

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