[Video] The BMW i4 Spotted with a Tailgate

The BMW i4, one of the most promising cars in the near future of BMW, is also its most significant. The BMW i4 is a highly anticipated car in the near future. It is a weapon that the Bavarian company plans to use and win against Tesla. By applying its elegance and functionality to practicality, BMW i4 will be a brilliant all-around machine. Luckily, the outgoing 4 Series Gran Coupe’s tailgate will still shine in the i4.

For the upcoming 4 Series Gran Coupe and BMW i4, some car enthusiasts got it wrong about the tailgate. The way the trunk lid and shut lines looked in previous spy images give them the impression that the 4er GC and i4 will have a conventional trunk. Nevertheless, we are still delighted with the fact that the tailgate stays. Indeed, it was one of the best aspects of cars in the previous generations.

Even if it’s a tiny one, the further practicality gives the BMW i4 a benefit over the Tesla Model 3. A typical trunk, with a relatively small opening, is evident in the Model 3. The actual aperture is going to be bigger and that’s going to make loading larger items into it more practical and easier. But we don’t know the cargo capacity of i4.

The BMW i4 is going to need every edge it can get as the new EV darling. This is a fact especially with the Model 3 leading the EV sales. The i4 can compete well with the already incredibly popular Tesla. However, this will only be possible as long as pricing is reasonable, considering that it gains a competitive range of power to the Model 3. Perhaps it might gain more edge if it brings more practicality.

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