BMW 1 Series is the Best Compact Class car in terms of heating and cooling performance

Auto Bild put six equally competitive cars equipped with an optional climate control into extreme testing at BMW’s energy and environmental testing center in Munich: Volkswagen’s Golf VI (petrol and diesel), Opel Astra, Citroen C4, KIA cee’d and BMW 116i. The German Magazine named the BMW 1 Series as the best vehicle in terms of heating and cooling performance in the compact class. The BMW 1 Series also scored high in two of the three categories of Auto Bild.

Upon testing, Auto Bild found out that Citroen C4 heats the fastest, but does not cool well in the summer. Opel Astra performed better in summer than in the winter. Volkswagen’s Golf received very low ranks for both gasoline and diesel variants. The BMW 1 Series which received 3.5 of five stars overall: four out of five stars in cooling and heating and 3.5 out of five stars in defrosting.

Source: Auto Bild