[Video] BMW M550i xDrive: Better Choice Than An M5

With the growth and expansion of the M Performance models in the BMW range, decision-making gets a little harder for customers. Why? Well, before, wanting a fast car only means getting the corresponding M model. And right now, we live in a generation where M Performance cars are excellent and cheap in comparison. A lot of fans even believe that they might be enough for all their needs. Sometimes, that’s considerably true. In this video, we’ll see the BMW M550i xDrive out for a spin.

The guys from Chasing Cars had some serious action driving the M model. So much so that some interesting ideas started popping up during their ride. Could the M550i xDrive be a better choice than the M5? It depends exclusively on the potential owner. 530 HP is more than enough for many drivers, especially since the car also does 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.

But, we can’t disregard the people who want more. Those drivers who are not satisfied with second-best and need the best of the best. This discussion wouldn’t even matter; for as long as there’s a faster car out there in the same body style, that’s the one they will go for. Most especially when they can afford it, it’s automatically a done deal. And as for the M550i, its main argument over its more potent brother is the price tag.

Here’s more. Driving the M550i feels a lot more forgiving and a whole lot more comfortable and efficient. It gives off a certain relaxed feel to it, which reminds the guys from Chasing Cars of the BMW E39 M5. That comparison to the absolute legend just finishes the others off.

Do you own the two or have driven them before? We’d love to know what you think about this. See you in the comment section below!

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