[Video] New Operating System for 2021 MINI Models

The MINI Hatch and Convertible models include fresh updates plus a new operating system that will come with it. On March 23rd, the British brand announced this news. It excites everyone as the crowd’s favourite small car ushers into the digital age. Starting this year, all MINI models will have an 8.8-inch screen as standard. It comes with new vehicle functions, more design, and more in-car technology than ever.


Revamped MINI models will also include a new screen on the centre console and several other tweaks. For one, it will have the control units for audio and touch-sensitive buttons flush with the surface. Its LED decor ring now displays a unique and stylish laser engraving. But the enhancements don’t stop there! Presenting a different layout, MINI’s interactive menu is now more intuitive.

Moreover, it offers the option to use MINI’s latest ‘Live Widgets’. This feature allows a smartphone-like interface. It is functional and more familiar. You can change and personally arrange the widgets you use. Its standard configuration shows one widget each for the menu items. That includes Media, Communication, Navigation, and more.

Likewise, the vehicle function’s current status is always displayed on the graphic. Such functions include the navigation map or the last audio program selected. You can also change the colour displays in the centre dash and instrument cluster depending on your mood. Graphic displays come in two modes: the “Lounge” and “Sport” mode. The “Lounge” mode activates a calm ambience with its turquoise colour and petrol is called up. Meanwhile, the “Sport” mode creates an intense glow in red and anthracite on the screen background.

Lastly, the new operating system brings in third-party apps on the MINI. This means that Amazon Alexa will now be available, including its voice activation interface. With this feature, you can play music and create a shopping list. You can even control home functions from the comfort of your car. The video above further discussed all the idea and features of this new operating system. Go ahead and see it for yourself.

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