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MINI To Consider Compact Hatchback Against Volkswagen Golf

The E61 M5 Touring was the last even-numbered BMW M product in a waggon body style. In addition to being a nice car, the engine was top-notch. Despite its obvious superiority, sales were consistently below what BMW had hoped. As time has progressed, however, it appears that the G81 BMW M3 Touring has entered the waggon market.

This new video from DriveTribe features Ben Collins, the original Stig from Top Gear, driving a BMW M3 Touring around the Nürburgring racetrack. Getting into the E61 M5 Touring and the new M3 is like night and day. The former is larger, clumsier, and less dependable than the latter. However, it has a redline of more than 8,000 rpm and a throaty growl. That’s one thing going for it.

Nevertheless, getting behind the wheel of a G80 BMW M3 must have been eye-opening. Besides being quicker and more efficient (it uses fewer cylinders), it is also noticeably sharper and more well-balanced. Collins lauds the new M3’s versatility and notes how well-balanced it is. Additionally, he can perform massive, smokey skids. You must do that if you want to keep an M3 on track.

Even more so, Collins applies his “Apple Test” to it. This was a test that was routinely performed off-camera on Top Gear. Collins had to drift around the corner and slam into the apple that Jeremy Clarkson had placed at the turn’s apex. Doing so demonstrates a vehicle’s responsiveness, accuracy, equilibrium, predictability, and power. You may watch the clip to find out.

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