MINI Minor Officially Coming Soon as a Crossover? Watch out.

At just over three metres or 10 feet long, the MINI Rocketman was a true mini. In February 2011, a concept car was unveiled but after 11 years, it is still not available from a dealer. Instead, the Honda E-competitor that was supposed to revive the Minor brand has been shelved.

In terms of price and size, a modern Minor would have been below the 3-door Hatch. However, the next generation of the typical hatchback will be slightly shorter in electric form. Thanks to the bespoke electric vehicle chassis that does not require a longer nose for an internal combustion engine. Consequently, the front overhang will also be smaller.

There’s a wider range of vehicles still being considered, while a city car with proportions closer to the original MINI will not be produced. There is actually a bit of an overlap as to why this is happening. According to Autocar, a new, tall-legged Countryman model will be launched in the near future. To accommodate a younger sibling, the new vehicle will be much larger than the current model.

The Aceman crossover will be the first MINI sold exclusively with an electric motor. It is expected to be launched in 2024, but no official announcement has been made yet. The only thing we know for sure is that the small hatchback known as the Minor will never go into production. Although the Rocketman had real potential, the more practical body style makes more sense in today’s crossover-obsessed society. The Countryman EV and the next-generation Cooper SE MINI will help achieve the goal of all-electric driving in the early 2030s. Within the next eight years, Rolls-Royce will be the first BMW Group brand to completely eliminate internal combustion engines.

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