BMW officials reveal interesting news about the BMW X4

X4 Rendering by Auto Bild

The first time we have heard of rumors about a possible BMW X4 was back in 2008 when the X6 was released. Because of the size of the BMW X6, it seemed logical that BMW will come up with a smaller Sports Activity Coupe for the market. However, there have been no official announcements from BMW about a possible X4. But due to the huge global sales of more than 80,000 units for the X6, the idea of the X4 is back again.

BMW officials in Hamburg have confirmed that they are interested to make another all-wheel-drive X-model, but they have not confirmed if it will push through or if it would be the X6. BMW was taken aback by the unexpected success of the X6 and they too are beginning to wonder if they should offer a smaller and more affordable model like the rumored X4, which have been under consideration for quite a while.

Though no official confirmations were made if they will push through, it was quite clear that they are still on the deliberation process whether or not to push through with the X4 model. But if they do push through with the X4, it will surely help with their sales goals. What’s important is that BMW officials did not deny that an X4 is indeed brewing up.

The second generation X3 was the conservative one, and it seems timely to come up with a more aggressive BMW X4 with the same four-wheel drive platform.

Insiders say that the BMW X4 will use similar hardware and interior parts with the X3 and it will be built exclusively in the South Carolina Spartanburg Plant.

Source: Autocar

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