BMW XM Revealed: An Exquisite Visual Journey

Despite BMW not matching ultra-luxury rivals in customization, buyers have plenty of choices. Once you access the XM configurator, you’ll find diverse exterior colours and premium upholstery selections.

BMW’s flagship M model boasts bold options for those aiming to make a statement. For example, observe the Cape York Green exterior with gold accents extending to the 23-inch wheels. Its distinct design departs from the usual M SUVs, leaving some still adapting.

The interior, featuring Deep Lagoon and Vintage Coffee leather, is equally striking. The XM uniquely boasts a sculptural headliner, mimicking an LED-lit nightclub ambience. With a wheelbase similar to the X7 and only two seat rows, it prioritizes style over practicality.

At a local media event, BMW Bulgaria showcased these images alongside a carbon fibre M Performance Parts-equipped M2. However, note that this is a standard XM, not the Label Red, which, despite looking similar, boasts a more robust plug-in hybrid V8 engine.

For the first half of 2023, BMW reported 2,484 XM sales. Despite its premium price and polarizing design, it’s not expected to top the sales chart. However, BMW anticipates high demand in China and the US, accounting for nearly 50%—26% from the US and 23% from China. The Middle East is next with 8%, followed by South Korea and Germany at 7%.

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