Learn more about the 2022 BMW M240i With Quad Exhaust

M Performance cars may sound like sacrilege, but wait for it, BMW is ready to make it happen with quad exhausts. According to earlier reports, M35i variants with four tailpipes have already been spotted for the next X1. Others are already planning the same for the M240i xDrive.

BMW’s G42 2 Series received an exhaust system more commonly associated with overweight women from British tuner Overkill Performance. The exhaust system had tailpipes with a diameter of 100 millimetres, which provided plenty of oomph. To avoid warning lights in the dashboard, the valve and the petrol particle philtre are still in place.

The end result is very similar to what we expect from the upcoming M2 Competition. The M240i is noticeably louder than the normal engine, even with the valve closed. The two tailpipes on the right side of the car do not work in Comfort mode because the valve is closed, as you can see in the video. A larger exhaust outlet can be partially compensated by the shorter straight pipes on the left side. This improves the results.

Overkill Performance was able to fit the 100mm tailpipes without cutting off the rear bumper, as the M240i’s stock exhaust tips are larger than necessary. If you do not want to damage the surrounding area, this seems to be the largest part you can fit at this point. If you want a 2 Series coupe with a four-way exhaust system from the factory, you’ll have to wait for the M2. A more powerful exhaust system has already been found on prototypes, suggesting BMW is preparing a competitive model. For now, this M240i in Brooklyn Grey Metallic will undergo a few changes.

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