Discover BMW M2’s Stunning Colour Options

A few days from now, BMW Blog will take the 2024 BMW M2 for a test drive. But first, they want their followers to pick one from these three stunning colours: Brooklyn Grey, Toronto Red, and Zandvoort Blue.

The new 2024 BMW M2 has a wider range of colours than ever before. Brooklyn Grey, Toronto Red, Zandvoort Blue, Black Sapphire, and Alpine White are the five base colours that customers can choose from. Zandvoort Blue is the positioning colour, which is another name for the marketing colour selection. This brand-new shade is the default choice for the 2024 BMW M2. The light shade of blue is a sophisticated and attractive choice that alters its hue depending on the illumination.

Toronto Red is the best option if you’re looking for the most stunning hues. This vivid colour has previously been seen on a number of M vehicles. It also seems to have established itself as the M series’ default tint. And as you can see in the images below, it has a striking hue when exposed to the strong sun. The Brooklyn Grey, another colour from the M3/M4 colour scheme, is next on the list. This is a safe hue that improves the appearance of any BMW. And this is a fact regardless of the size and shape of the vehicle. It is modest in many ways but sporty enough to draw attention.

We were eager to see the M2 in the sophisticated black. However, it’s unfortunate that Alpine White and Black Sapphire won’t be on display during the drive event. Whatever colour is selected, this driving experience will be exhilarating. The G87 M2, which comes with a six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic transmission, as well as the brand-new BMW XM Power SUV, whose colour selections are definitely more exciting and offer a wide range of choices, will both be available for testing.

Cognac, solid black, black with M-color accents, and another black with carbon fibre sport buckets and even more M-colored highlights are the available interior colours. The first three options are free, but only the $9,000 carbon fibre options package makes it possible to access the fourth option. There are three trim options: gloss black, aluminum, and carbon fibre (available only with the aforementioned carbon fibre package).

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