Top Gear Finds Out How Much Grilles the BMW 4 Series Needs

Top Gear did something interesting with the 4 Series, as everyone is sick of hearing about its grille. Instead of complaining about it as most do, Top Gear’s Ollie Kew decides to use some Science and Maths to the grilles. Finally, the answer that everyone is waiting for. How much of the BMW 4 Series grille is necessary?

Top Gear Finds Out How Much Grilles the BMW 4 Series Needs

When the new grille design debuted and began receiving criticism, BMW states its purpose for the big grilles. BMW is insistent that the new grille design is for better cooling, especially on the M3 and M4 models. However, most enthusiasts disagreed and state that the cars do not need that much for cooling. Top Gear had the idea and went on measuring the amount of total grille space in centimeters squared. Subtracting it to the amount of unnecessary grille space will get the total amount of functional space.

The size does seem unnecessary after you realize that the bumper bar covered by the license plate blocks off the new kidney grille design. Its closed active grill shudders or front radar sensors blocking the massive grille prove that its size is just too much. The grilles of the 4 Series could have been smaller while still providing the same functionality.

As many enthusiasts know, the grilles are indeed purely made for style. Although some critics claim that the want for big grilles by the Chinese market influenced its design. Regardless of these claims being true, that is not much to worry about if BMW wants to go bold and big with the design. It is okay to take a shot whether BMW misses or hits it.

However, a good car is a good car, despite its absurd and unnecessary grilles. Overall, the BMW 4 Series remains remarkable as it is. It does not prevent anyone from buying an impressive car.

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