BMW M340i Touring Makes Loud Revs with its Titanium Exhaust

We’ve long believed that the M340i Touring can essentially give everything. From performance, luxury, comfort, and practicality to technology, the M340i reaches the sweet spot in BMW’s extensive range. It also costs much less than the long-roof M3, despite having the same powerful inline-six engine. Additionally, it avoids the contentious kidney grille for a less garish look. Not in this instance, though, as we’re dealing with a sporty wagon that commands attention.

The M340i made quite an impression during the Hart Voor Auto ShowTime event in Breda, the Netherlands. Thanks to its powerful soundtrack and lighted grille. Speaking of lights, there were additional LEDs incorporated into the windshield’s lower corners and top centre. This also includes beneath the front license plate. Even more, lights were added to the tailgate and quarter window as if that weren’t enough.

It’s obvious it’s not a typical M340i even before you see the car. Such a ragged soundtrack is getting harder and harder to find in the era of gasoline particulate filters fitted on EU cars. In this video, you hear a custom titanium exhaust system instead of the standard one, with a straight-pipe layout and no catalytic converter.

The 3.0-litre engine now produces 500 horsepower, or about the same as the new M3 Touring, thanks to the addition of an Eventuri intake. With a little over 700 Nm or an extra 50 Nm above the much anticipated AMG C63 Estate rival, it outperforms the super wagon in terms of torque. Let’s say that it packs a punch to match the brutal sound.

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