A Photo Comparison of the G42 BMW M240i and the F22 BMW M240i

The G42 BMW M240i is here and ready to take on the world. In a photo comparison, it faces off against its predecessor, the F22 BMW M240i. However, this new generation of the 2 Series Coupe is more of an authentic evolution than an outright revolution in terms of design. Visually noticeable, the Hofmeister kink hasn’t changed much. Let’s look at how the Bavarian brand made changes between the two generations over the years. 

G42 BMW M240i

With its new single-lamp headlights that harken back to the old 2002 model, the new G42 Series apprehends back to the past. The characteristic quad-eye fascia with rounded off, rectangular kidneys is seen in the F22 generation. Bearing an aesthetic hallmark, the BMW M240i xDrive Coupe looks stunning, especially in the front end. It features a more substantial, three-dimensional appearance. Furthermore, it exhibits a stronger connection to the core BMW M vehicles than the previous generation. It also exudes a crisp, poised appearance, along with a dose of aggressiveness in its front design. While the F22 generation’s style aged well and remains agile and graceful, the new model emanates freshness. 

G42 BMW M240i

The former F22’s sophistication has been replaced by the G42’s more clean, essential, and geometrical paradigm. Its rear end is significantly cleaner and more streamlined than the previous generation. The new M240i Coupe features an inverted “L” design and 3D-looking tail lamps with blacked-out surfaces. Moreover, it also bears a redesigned front end, straight rear bumper creases, and trapezoidal dual exhausts. However, when viewed from the side, the F22 has always been attractive. On the other hand, the new model receives a minor makeover, but it still performs admirably. Its distinctive Hofmeister kink and straight-shoulder line are still evident, although more subtly. 

The new G42 BMW M240i is s significant change from the F22 M240. Its dashboard is now straightforward and digital. The G2x model family shares the Live Cockpit, central Control Display, and all controls on the centre console. Its minimalist approach stands out along with its typical BMW dashboard architecture. The new G42’s interior displays a sleek, classic, and utilitarian while its exterior is far more aggressive.  

Taking the safer route, BMW demonstrates how impressive the new 2 Series Coupe may be. It also shows how the Bavarian brand can successfully modify most of its design and revitalise model families. A sporty little 2-door vehicle, the F22 2 Series will always be good-looking. While its equipment package remains excellent, its design held up nicely over time. However, the expectations are set very high for the new model. Thus, it will have large shoes to fill.

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