Will MINI Get a High-End Audio System for its Marshall Edition?

As with the Porsche 911, David Brown Automotive offers a modern interpretation of an automotive icon that has been around for decades. Marshall Edition celebrates its 60th anniversary with a new MINI Remastered. Let’s see if there is a commonality between these two. Both companies are based in the UK, which is why they decided to work together.

In addition to Marshall’s audio modifications, the special edition has a better sound system and other features. The result is a serious, distinctly modern sound. As seen in the teasers, the Marshall Edition MINI seems to feature a lot of gold accents in the interior. We can also see the colour contrast on the dashboard and instrument panel, as well as the stitching on the leather seats.

The grille and three pedals on the charming hatchback are gold to emphasise the connection. The logos for play, pause and forward/reverse (clutch) are on the accelerator, brake and clutch. As for the powertrain, the car will have a 125 hp A-series unit.

In the coming weeks, David Brown Automotive plans to unveil its MINI Remastered Marshall Edition. For every car sold, a donation will be made to the Music Trust Venue. A UK-based charity that helps independent musicians recover from the coronavirus epidemic

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