[Video] MotorTrend features 2021 BMW 540i essentials

Choosing the right model for your next car might be hard, but if you are looking for a guide on how to handle technicalities and expectations on your sports sedan, you might want to check out the BMW 5 Series. The guys at MotorTrend picked the BMW 540i to be featured in their YouTube Buyer’s Guide series. More than the engine and its performance, it’s also important to get the overall specs of the car.

Jonny Lieberman explains the basics of the 540i, including the engine, power, interior, technology, and performance, in the video below. According to Lieberman, one of the major advantages that the ageing 5 Series continues to enjoy is the fact that it maintains a conservative design aesthetic.

Unlike the 4 Series and the updated 7 Series, the G30 5 Series sports nice front grilles that won’t scare kids away. While that cautious approach may work on the exterior, it may be one of the 5 Series’ drawbacks inside. The inside is starting to age, especially when compared to younger rivals. It has a traditional design, and despite the larger iDrive screen, it still feels old.

On the brighter side, many folks appreciate the 5 Series’ physical buttons. The materials and fit and finish are of high quality. Moreover, despite the outdated design, you receive all the necessary technologies. Check out the video below for a more close-up look at the vehicle.

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