G05 BMW X5 look stunning with BMW XM features

The look of the current-generation G05 BMW X5 attracts the attention of many car enthusiasts and earned much admiration. Perhaps in the era of BMW’s impressive SUVs, it is one of the most attractive luxury SUVs on the market. But what if BMW put its awful grilles back on good-looking cars? If it resembles the front and rear of the new BMW, we will all know what the next generation will look like.

Next-Generation BMW X5 revamped with BMW XM features

If BMW gives it a look inspired by the XM, this render would probably showcase a 2025 model of the X5. Car enthusiasts can neither admire nor dislike it, but the current car is much better and preferred by many. Frankly, the BMW XM’s headlights and grille look decent on the BMW X5. The X5’s muscular creases on the bonnet gain praises from car enthusiasts as well.

Some of the features of the XM look odd on the model itself. This includes its wraparound taillights and trapezoidal exhaust that would probably not work on the X5 as well. Nevertheless, we can agree that the upward-curving shoulder line looks good.

The only problem most enthusiasts have with the XM Concept is the execution. As can be seen from this rendering, the problems are not the size of the features, such as the all-new, large grilles of the BMW cars. Interestingly, using the same face makes the G05 BMW X5 look better than the XM Concept in this render. The XM’s headlights and massive grille also look good when they are firmly in place.

Next-Generation BMW X5 revamped with BMW XM features

After all, there will be a lot of styling differences between the next-generation X5 and the XM. For instance, the ultra-high-end models like the 7 Series, X7, and XM, the next-generation X5 will feature split headlights and a massive grille. The BMW X5 will probably get a more traditional face if it does not fall into this category. But the G05 BMW X5 has a great chance of looking stunning. If it gets at least some styling from the XM.

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