BMW changes tailights on 25,000 1 Series vehicles due to leaks

Some sources say that BMW is currently changing the LED taillights on about 25,000 1 Series vehicles due to water leaks. No other lights are affected by the leaks. The 1 Series Coupe (E82) and Convertible (E88) for all production years will be affected.

Good thing this is not really a safety issue. Thus, no recall has been issued yet. BimmerToday reports that BMW will just be changing the taillights when 1 Series owners go to their regular trip to the dealer. Approximately half of these 1 Series owners have already had their taillights changed at their dealers with no extra charge.

  • Frankco Shum

    As a owner of a 1 Series Convertible (E88), it is true that there is a malfunction with the tail lights. I noticed for a couple of weeks that only one side of tail light was working, so I decided to bring it to the dealer, and they changed both of my tail lights. I was also told that there’s a Technical Function test that they need to do… anyone heard about this?