[Video] Check out the G83 M4 Convertible in Spain

While it may be fun for some, many purists would rather not have a convertible roof. These convertible tops make driving more challenging because they are heavier and less stiff than the regular top. However, the added engine/exhaust noise, wind in your hair, and views and smells of the environment that convertibles provide can take the experience to a whole new level under the correct conditions. Let’s see if Spain is where the G83 M4 Convertible shines in the video by Joe Achilles below to find out.

In the G83 M4 Convertible, Joe Achilles experienced the beauty of the Spanish countryside. It’s a fantastic video to check out if you’re on the fence about whether or not the convertible is entertaining enough. As the owner of an M3 Competition and an M3 Competition xDrive, Achille is well-equipped to evaluate the characteristics of the M3 and the M4.

Without a roof, the BMW M4 Convertible is at its best in the open air, where its passengers can bask in the sun’s warmth, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the car’s roaring exhaust. A big boat nonetheless. The BMW M4 weighs nearly two tonnes, an unacceptable amount for a performance vehicle. The weight has increased past the two-ton mark because of the power-folding roof systems and additional structural reinforcing necessary to accommodate the vehicle’s absence of a roof. For comparison, if you were to add three adult humans, that would bring the total weight to approximately 2.5 tonnes. Although it has the same S58 ammunition as its siblings, it does not feel as rapid. Moreover, its heaviness makes it slow around corners, where you can feel the vehicle’s heft and tyres attempting to defy the laws of motion.

Finally, there is flexibility. On Spain’s polished pavement, the M4 Convertible likely has a confident ride. However, you’ll feel the scuttle shake when you hit a few potholes since the chassis flexes without a roof framework to support it. Everything inside will feel like it’s bending, from the steering wheel to the dashboard to the seats. The M4 Convertible does have specific problems, but they are relatively small and shouldn’t stop you from buying the car on your own.

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