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[Video] How’s the G80 BMW M3 As a Nurburgring Taxi?

You’ve probably heard of Apex Nurburg, the Nurburgring taxi firm that provides customers scorching laps around the infamous Green Hell if you’re a vehicle fan, especially a BMW enthusiast. Misha Charoudin, one of the proprietors, has a YouTube channel where he shows off the business, the vehicles they use, and what it’s like to ride a taxi around the Nurburgring. BMWs are Charoudin’s usual mode of transportation, notably a substantially customised F80 M3. They tried to switch to the G80 M3 as their primary taxi when it first came out, but it turns out that it’s not up to par.

Charoudin and his business partner Robert Mitchell break down the merits of the F80 M3 versus the G80 M3 and explain why the latter is a less suitable ‘Ring taxi. The G80 outperforms the F80 across the board, both quantitatively and qualitatively. It travels at a higher rate of speed, is more agile, engaging, and exciting, and has a more refined and superior interior. That, however, is in the form of a street-legal vehicle. Running 30 laps a day, every day, is like putting the G80 through hell (for the language) and causes issues that the F80 doesn’t have.

First off, getting replacement parts is difficult. Due to the taxis’ newer model and the vehicle parts shortage, it’s difficult to find wear and tear items. Finding replacement G80 brake pads, rotors, and driveshafts is difficult. But weight is a significant problem. The new G80 M3 is a big boy, weighing over 3,000 pounds. As a result, it wears out brakes, tyres, and wheels at a much faster pace than the F80. Even though it was made by the “Motorsport Division,” the car’s stock brake pads only lasted ten laps around the Nurburgring before they were completely worn out. They were so weak that they even snapped wheels. They point out that the vehicle does a good job of hiding its heavy weight while you’re driving it, but that the tyres and brakes will reveal the truth eventually. The G80 has a weight problem.

They did, however, figure out a way to fix the brakes. The brake pads and discs rise by a factor of 10 after being cooled by a homemade cooling duct. Owners who track their cars on the weekends and use them as everyday vehicles throughout the week would see higher wear on a F80 M3 unless they make particular alterations. The G80 M3 is a great daily driver, especially in Competition trim, but it needs adjusting for the track.

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